2022 PEAK Track II Fall Meeting

Starts:  Oct 20, 2022 08:30 AM (ET)
Ends:  Oct 23, 2022 12:00 PM (ET)
The 2022 PEAK Track II Fall Meeting will be held from October 20-23 at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA. PEAK is a great method for pursuing your Fellowship or Mastership in AGD, learning from great speakers, and enjoying time with your colleagues. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday - PEAK Presentations from Your Colleagues

Hear your colleagues present real-world examples of how they implemented lessons learned on perio, pediatrics, and ergonomics from Spring 2022. Nothing to present? Come anyway and participate in a tradition that makes PEAK meetings unique.

Thursday evening will feature an off-site social event.

Friday - Prosthodontic Treat
ment Issues – Are We Looking at the Right Information to Make the Correct Choices for Our Patients? by Dr. Carl Driscoll

This course will discuss conventional and current topics that may lack scientific validity yet are accepted as dogma. Topics will include topics such as the use of zinc in denture adhesives, material selection, the use of antibiotics, and discussion about many “Laws” that we face in restorative dentistry. Appropriate discussion will ensue to cater to patients currently in your practice. This presentation is suitable for general dentists, prosthodontists, hygienists and assistants. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn the various “Laws” that have been around for years but have no scientific validity.
  2. Learn about prosthodontic techniques that will make your practice easier and more successful.
  3. Learn the importance of being very discriminatory on where/how you get your dental knowledge.
  4. Learn about what techniques and materials that may make you more susceptible to a malpractice suit.
AGD Subject Code - 670 Removable Prosthodontics

Friday evening will feature an off-site social event


Saturday - Making Dental Practice Less Stressful for Better Clinical Results: Practical Tips and Tricks
by Dr. Gregori Kurtzman

Discussion of how to practice less stressful dentistry covering the following topics.

  • Endodontics
  • Restoration of endodontically treated teeth
  • Direct resin restorations
  • Conservative tooth preparations
  • Dental adhesives
  • Treatment of root caries and abfractions
  • Access and removal of zirconia restorations
  • Restorative ferrule and its importance in adhesive dentistry
  • Implant impressions: better accuracy and simpler techniques
  • Lasers for hard and soft tissue treatment
  • Oral Biofilm: the systemic connection and how to treat in-office and with homecare
  • Implant overdentures: bars or freestanding attachments

Course objectives: Attendees will upon completion of the course will be able to;

  • Understand how to do endodontic treatment from a restorative standpoint
  • How to restore endodontically treated teeth to maximize their long term success
  • How to take better impressions of teeth and implants and recognize impression problems
  • Why restorative ferrules are still needed for better longevity of restorations
  • Easier ways to remove zirconia restorations and access through them
  • Gain a better understanding of oral biofilm and connection to systemic health

AGD Subject Code - 250 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

Saturday Night - Dinner On Your Own

Enjoy the many options available to you in Hershey!


Sunday - Making Dental Practice Less Stressful for Better Clinical Results: Practical Tips and Tricks by Dr. Gregori Kurtzman, continued


Registration Costs (early bird rates expire September 9, 2022):

Dentist (All inclusive) - Members $995.00, Nonmembers $1,095
1st Year Graduate or Resident (All inclusive) - Members $199, Nonmembers $219
2nd Year Graduate (All inclusive) - Members $398, Nonmembers $438
3rd Year Graduate (All inclusive) - Members $597, Nonmembers $657
4th Year Graduate (All inclusive) - Members $796, Nonmembers $876
Thursday Only (Host Home not included) - Members $225, Nonmembers $250
Friday Only (Evening Banquet not included) - Members $325, Nonmembers $350
Saturday Only - Members $325, Nonmembers $350
Sunday Only - Members $225, Nonmembers $250
Non-Dentist Staff - Thursday (Host Home not included) - $75
Non-Dentist Staff - Friday (Evening Banquet not included) - $100
Non-Dentist Staff - Saturday - $100
Non-Dentist Staff - Sunday - $75
Thursday Evening Event - Member or Guest - $75
Friday Evening Dinner - Member or Guest - $75


Hershey Lodge
325 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
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