2022 PEAK Track I Spring Meeting

Starts:  May 13, 2022 08:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  May 15, 2022 05:00 PM (ET)
The 2022 PEAK Track I Fall Meeting will be in Williamsport on May 13-15, 2022. The speaker lineup is as follows:


Patient Centered and Occlusion Driven Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Era of Implant Dentistry and Sequential Extraction Therapy
by Dr. YK Kim

Reconstructive dentistry based on solid concept of periodontal prosthesis has been advocated  by renowned clinicians for many years. However, with the introduction of implants and recently digital dentistry there has been increasing adverse shift from evidence and experience backed concept based dentistry to digital technology driven dentistry, This presentation will review the application of not only occlusion driven but patient centered practice in modern clinical dentistry.  How this concept is applied in private general practice to successfully rehabilitate patients’ form and function of mastigatory system will be covered.

Successful implementation of implants in classical periodontal prosthesis will be covered in depth. In implant prosthodontics, options and techniques to maintain the function of mastigation during transition period of hopeless dentition to implant supported dentition will be explained. Value of sequential extraction therapy to minimize the loss of hard and soft tissue during this transition period as compared to extraction-first approach will be presented. This presentation will also cover many important factors how to minimize the incidence of peri implantitis post implant reconstructive dentistry.

Lecture objectives:

  • Importance of understanding of functional occlusion as opposed ideal occlusion
  • How to diagnose and treatment plan pathologic occlusion
  • Explain other options of oral rehabilitation other than All on 4
  • Understand the rational of sequential extraction therapy
  • Understand the etiology and how to prevent peri implantitis
AGD Subject Code: 180 Occlusion


Site Preservation of Tissue (SPOT): The Synergy of Partial Extraction Therapy and Osseodentification to Optimize Implant Treatment by Dr. Charles Schwimer

Tooth extraction leads to loss of bundle bone and soft tissue. This is a possible limitation for immediate or delayed implant placement. As a result, it is often necessary to performed extensive augmentation procedures to facilitate implant placement. Partial Extraction Therapy preserves bundle bone and soft tissue while Osseodensification improves primary implant stability through preservation of and autografting of trabecular bone.    

This presentation outlines the biological rational and benefits of tissue preservation to optimize oral reconstruction with dental implants. S.P.O.T is a comprehensive treatment methodologies based upon preservation of nature. The objective is to emphasize how the use of innovative diagnostics, surgical techniques, and instrumentation can preserve or enhance treatment outcomes. 

The SPOT treatment modalities will be explained emphasizing the synergy between Osseodensification and Partial Extraction Therapies. Clinical cases demonstrating SPOT treatment modalities in various ways and combinations to achieve both minimally invasive and time effective solutions will be presented. Past, present and future "out of the box" protocols will also be shared. The purpose of this program will be to enhance clinical understanding  of SPOT diagnostics and treatment planning necessary to implement Partial Extraction Therapy and Osseodensification into everyday practice. 


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the components of SPOT treatment methodologies.
  • Perform structural and biomechanical based diagnostics for bone instrumentation
  • Understand the principles of Osseodensification, expansion grafting and crestal sinus augmentation using the Densah bur.
  • Perform consequence based tooth extraction diagnostics
  • Identify clinical indications and contra indications for Socket Shield / Root membrane techniques
  • Understand Partial Extraction Therapy techniques, instrumentation and use of Root Membrane Kit
AGD Subject Code - 490 Periodontics


Site Preservation of Tissue (SPOT): The Synergy of Partial Extraction Therapy and Osseodentification to Optimize Implant Treatment by Dr. Charles Schwimer, continued


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