2019 PAGD Annual Meeting and PEAK Track II Spring Meeting

Starts:  May 2, 2019 8:30 AM (ET)
Ends:  May 5, 2019 12:00 PM (ET)

Join your colleagues from across the state at the 2019 PAGD Annual Meeting and PEAK Track II Spring Meeting in beautiful downtown Lancaster. General practitioner dentists will be gathering with one common goal: The pursuit of excellence in their field.

Thursday - PEAK Presentations from Your Colleagues

Hear your colleagues present real-world examples of how they implemented lessons learned on esthetics and implantology from the fall meeting. Nothing to present? Come anyway and participate in a tradition that makes PEAK meetings unique.

Thursday Evening - White House Dinner

Attendees will be transported to the Greenfield Restaurant for dinner and conversation with Former White House Chef John Moeller. Taste his food and hear his stories of cooking for Presidents George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush; world leaders like Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela; and famous guests like Julia Child and Sophia Loren.

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Friday -  
Diagnostically Driven Technologies and Their Essential Role in Advanced Concepts in Restorative Direct and Indirect Dentistry
by Dr. Lou Graham

For over 100 years, the standard of care in dentistry has been an explorer, an x-ray and a periodontal probe.  This program will challenge the audience as too how today’s diagnostic technologies can be integrated into our offices for and how they impact diagnostic protocols today.  Truth be told, we have been guessing far too much and the more information we can attain, the far greater the ultimate clinical result. The program throughout the day takes everyday clinicals situations and how to both maximize diagnostics and equally important, long term outcomes.


  • Why traditional diagnostics are so limited and why newer technologies bring so much more to the table
  • Incorporating Modern Day Diagnostics into new protocols for patient care
  • Customizing what diagnostics are best for your practice and how ultimately this raises long term outcomes and decision making
  • Communication and Treatment Plan Acceptance: Implementing new approaches to Growth
  • How your own In Office Dental Plan ties in our day
  • Clinical Casework and outcomes supporting diagnostically driven dentistry


  • To update the attendee in regards too, “what’s best for the patient”
  • How Upping your diagnostics drives greater treatment plan acceptance
  • Incorporating many of the latest materials and techniques to result in superior long term outcomes
AGD Subject Code - 730 Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis, Oral Pathology

Friday Evening - President's Banquet

Join your PAGD colleagues as we honor President Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey and welcome new leadership.


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Saturday - The Aesthetics of Occlusion - Back to the Future! by Dr. Bob Lowe

In this lecture course, Dr. Lowe will discuss how the philosophies of his exceptional teacher Dr. Harold Shavell helped mold him as a student and practicing dentist. “The search for excellence”, as Dr. Shavell taught, is never ending and not an easy road to follow. Reviewing fundamentals of direct restorative and crown and bridge will help all dentists improve the quality and art of the dentistry they provide. He has said, “The eye doesn’t see what the mind hasn’t taught it to recognize”. And…”The road to success is easier when you know where you are going!” This lecture will take everyone ‘back to the future” to discover that the importance of sound technique and morphologic precision is just as important in today’s dental practice as it was when Dr. Shavell practiced his craft.

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • “It All Started With Alloy” – Biomorphaesthetics: The Quickest Way To Understand Occlusion…Guaranteed!
  • “If You Can Draw It, You Can Carve It” – Using The Principles Of Biomorphaesthetics With Anterior and Posterior Composites
  • Morphology and Occlusion – “Back To The Basics”  - The Importance of Linguovision
  • ABC Contacts – The Pokorny Construct – What Do Those Dots Mean?
  • Occlusal Adjustment: Spheroiding or Biomorphaestethic Reshaping….NOT Grinding
  • The Art and Science of Provisionalization
  • Tissue Management and Making Master Impressions: “Tissue Mirrors Technique”
  • Definative Cementation Protocols: Conventional and Resin Cements
  • “Combined Therapy” and “Perio-By-The-Numbers”
  • Creative Treatment Options: “Abstracting Reality”
    • “Shapeshifting” – Making A Silk’s Purse From A Sow’s Ear
    • Restoring The Worn Dentition: The Role of Anterior Guidance
    • “Instant Orthodontics” – Viable Treatment Option or Quick Fix Cop Out?
    • Instant Orthognathic Surgery: When is “Almost” Good Enough?
AGD Subject Code - 250 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry and 180 Occlusion

Saturday Night - Dinner On Your Own

Explore downtown Lancaster's night scene, including local pubs, restaurants, and theaters.


Sunday - Clinical Treatment Planning and Problem Solving - When It Doesn't Go By the Book by Dr. Bob Lowe

In this technique filled seminar, Dr. Lowe will teach you the skills you need to refine your clinical skills to a level that will help you create consistent quality. New technologies, such as dental lasers, computerized shade matching, and digital impression making will be discussed along with how implementation of these technologies can help the “bottom line” of your practice. A discussion regarding the latest dental materials and delivery modalities will help in treatment planning even the most difficult functional and aesthetically challenging cases. A new portion of Dr. Lowe’s lecture based on his clinical articles will discuss Clinical Solutions to different challenges that we as dentists face at the chair everyday.

Learning Objectives:

  • Which dental material for which clinical situation? How does margin position influence or dictate material selection?
  • Multidisplinary Treatment Planning: The Periodontal Restorative Connection and the Importance of a "Solid Foundation"
  • Treatment options for complex restorative and aesthetic cases. Do you have a “Plan B”? Can you think “outside the box” as to possible solutions, or are you a only a “textbook” treatment planner?
  • Laboratory Communication: Are you giving the lab what they need to do their best work? Digital Impressions: Are they any better than conventional materials?
  • Creative clinical solutions for restorative problems that save you chair time, the patient money, and achieve an excellent postoperative result.
  • No Prep Veneers: Manufacturer “hype” or realistic clinical option? How new dental materials can make this a more realistic approach or some cases.
  • Instant Orthodontics: Viable treatment option or “quick fix cop out revisited - prosthetic tooth repositioning for aesthetics and function limitations and long-term results.
  • “Perio-by-the-Numbers: Laser assisted gingival and bony procedures that can correct gingival aesthetic levels and biologic width problems.
AGD Subject Code - 250 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

Registration Costs (early bird rates expire March 1, 2019):

AGD Member/PEAK Dentist (All inclusive) - $995.00
Nonmember Dentist (All inclusive) - $1095.00
AGD Member - 1st Year Graduate or Resident (All inclusive) - $199.00
AGD Member - 2nd Year Graduate (All inclusive) - $398.00
AGD Member - 3rd Year Graduate (All inclusive) - $597.00
AGD Member - 4th Year Graduate (All inclusive) - $796.00
AGD Member - Thursday (Host Home not included) - $200.00
AGD Member - Friday (Evening Banquet not included) - $350.00
AGD Member - Saturday - $350.00
AGD Member - Sunday - $200.00
Nonmember - Thursday - $250.00
Nonmember - Friday - $400.00
Nonmember - Saturday - $400.00
Nonmember - Sunday - $250.00
Non-Dentist Staff - Thursday (Host Home not included) - $50.00
Non-Dentist Staff - Friday (Evening Banquet not included) - $85.00
Non-Dentist Staff - Saturday - $85.00
Non-Dentist Staff - Sunday - $60.00
Student - Thursday (Host Home not included) - $50.00
Student - Friday (Evening Banquet not included) - $50.00
Student - Saturday - $50.00
Student - Sunday - $50.00
Thursday Evening Host Home - Member or Guest - $85.00
Friday Evening President's Banquet - Member or Guest - $85.00


Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
25 S Queen St
Lancaster, PA 17603
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