Prevention of malocclusion - classic headache patient

By Joseph Gronka posted 09-30-2013 11:49 PM

Show me a female with a class II, Div II skeletal relationship and I will show you a woman who gets headaches. If she says she does not, she is lying for some reason.
These cases are easy to treat and be a hero at the same time. You can help them by changing the relationship between the upper and lower incisors. A sagittal adjusted properly and with an anterior bite plane worn full time will eliminate the headaches almost immediately. This provides motivation to continue treatment. Move the maxillary anterior forward about 1mm and change the inclination of the max incisors. Depending on age, they will need long term retention. My oldest case was 65 yr old woman who suffered "horrific"  headaches most of her adult life. She LOVED me. :)) No pain after the first few days to week. Never again after I built new RPDs for her.
One woman, waitress, pretty, I noticed her "classic" profile. I asked her how often she had headaches. She looked me right in the eye and denied she had headaches. All the time her co-worker was standing behind her shaking her head. Finally blurted out, "she keeps tylenol right here behind the counter". I had to coax her to get her to come to see me. I treated her as above. Followed by straight wire therapy and equilibration and long term retention. She also LOVES me :))) 
It is a real satisfying way to make a living. To get these women free of headache pain, even migraines, is a real pleasure.