What is PEAK?

By Brad Strober posted 10-24-2013 06:02 PM


What is PEAK?

PEAK is a continuing education program of the PAGD designed but not limited to allow members to attain Mastership in the AGD in a convenient way.

PAGD has two PEAK programs, PEAK Track 1 and PEAK Track 2.

Both PEAK tracks are open to new members.

The PEAK programs both meet twice a year, in the spring and fall. Each session provides 20 hours of lecture credit, but attendees can attain 48 hours of PARTICIPATION credits for the session provided that they present a powerpoint relevant to that meeting at the following meeting. PEAK programs are designed to cover all the sections of the Mastership participation requirements in a 4 to 5 year cycle.

What makes PEAK unique is the camaraderie and sharing of ideas of the participants. PEAK members generally dine together for dinners after lectures on two of the evenings during the course of the weekend. These two dinners are actually included in the tuition. PEAKers are also often found discussing cases or office issues that they face at the hotel bar. To me PEAK is also a social event . I get to see many friends at each meeting and at the same time get the benefit of tremendous continuing education from top speakers in the dental world. Previous speakers have included Gordon Christensen, Howard Farran, John Suzuki, Bob Lowe, Lou Graham and Woody Wooddell and Joe Passaro.

PEAK is also a great way for dentists to network. Younger dentists can pick the brains of more seasoned dentists, and in some cases even find job opportunities. Senior dentists have found associates from doctors they have met at PEAK.

What is the difference between the PEAK Tracks?

The major difference between the two PEAK groups is the size of the groups. PEAK 1 is usually limited to no more than 40 attendees and typical meeting size is around 30 attendees and is generally in a classroom style setting. PEAK Track 2  is a larger group of about 60 dentists. Members can go to either or both PEAK Track programs. This allows some flexibility in scheduling. PEAK Tracks are almost always on different weekends in the spring and fall to allow members to attend the other track if they can't attend their regular track. Members pay on a per meeting basis. There is no commitment to multiple meetings, but we're pretty sure once you attend you'll be back.

Who can join PEAK?

PEAK is open to ALL PAGD members. You can register for PEAK meetings on the PAGD website at PAGD.org. For PAGD members your sign in is your AGD number and your password is your last name. For non PAGD members you can call April Hutcheson at the PAGD at 717-737-4682. For PEAK I information you can reach me at bstrober9@aol.com. For PEAK 2 information you can reach RIck Knowlton at rdknowlton@aol.com or Joey Gustafson at Joey625@comcast.net.

Are there discounts for PEAK?
Recent graduates, residents and students can attend PEAK at a discounted rate. Students can earn up to 50 hours of CE towards their fellowship while they are students.  For residents and recent graduates, it is a great way to get to your fellowship faster and more cost effectively. Residents and first year graduates receive 80% off the full PEAK tuition.  Second year graduates get 60% off, third year get 40%, and fourth get 20% off. There is no greater value in continuing education!